Quince-Apricot Stew with Spiced Rice Recipe

Quince Apricot Stew with Spiced Rice and Vegetable stew is a delicious and healthy meal balanced by cold and dry quince and hot and moist apricots.

Salt in Ayurvedic Perspective

Salt is very useful for our body! A bit of it helps digestion and presence of salty taste in food stimulates salivation and it absorbs the undigested mucus, but we must know how much and which kind of slat we should consume!

How should we eat Mung bean?

Mung bean is the most balanced legume and if you prepare it correctly, it won’t cause gas and bloating and will calm down Rakta and Kapha.
کتلت مرغ

Ayurvedic Chicken Vegetable Cutlet Recipe

An Ayurvedic gluten free Chicken_veg cutlet recipe. A mixture of grounded chicken, vegetables and spices which is so yummy and digestible!
پلو ماهی

Ayurvedic Fish Rice Recipe

In this post we teach you how to cook a healthy balanced Persian meal with salmon or any boonless fish and rice and mixed spices
دوغ هاضمه

Digestive Yogurt Drink or Digestive Lassi

Digestive yogurt drink or lassi is one of the most effective remedies for calming down the Vata dosha. It is like adding digestive juice to your digestive tube.
پلوی ادویه دار 1

Ayurvedic Spiced Rice Recipe

Adding spices to the rice, ignite your digestive fire and prevent the accumulation of mucus in your body and you do not gain so much weight. A healthy and delicious meal!

Mung Sprouts Rice Veg Recipe

A very simple mung sprouts rice veg recipe for both vegetarian and other tastes consisted of rice, mung sprouts, onion and Bell pepper, dried apricots, white sesame and…
carrot rice

Vegetarian Carrot-Rice Recipe

You can cook a delicious vegetarian carrot-rice with a simple recipe which can be a proper meal or served with stew with these ingredients: onion, carrot, green onion, rice, barberry, pumpkin seed, lemon, saffron, turmeric, coriander, and rock salt